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Introduction to NES and the Human Body Field

The Human Body Field (HBF) is the complex information system that governs your body and determines its health.

Now that its components have been mapped and studied in detail as the result of Peter Fraser’s 25-year research, they can be directly assessed and corrected by the NES technology that he developed. (For more information see his book, Decoding the Human Body Field.) 

Come and learn about this ground-breaking work and how it can help you.

We will be running NES scans for all attendees. You will receive a printout of your scan so you can follow along as we go over the scan items. There will be opportunities to ask questions.


 To Be Announced

  There is no fee for attendance but advance reservation is needed.

Please call 612-840-4800 to reserve your spot. 

To register call Margaret at (612) 840-4800 or email


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