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Biophoton Therapies


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What We Do at the Biophoton Therapy Center

Biophoton Coherency Therapy (BCT); (Chiren / Starlight)

The Human Body Field is the master control system of the physical body. During the last few decades much has been discovered about how it governs biological activities. By modifying this non-physical, bio-energetic information system, it is possible to make profound changes in the physical body. At the Biophoton Therapy Center, we use three modalities that work with the Human Body Field.

Biophoton Coherency Therapy: 

Our cells emit and absorb a faint light that can be detected by sensitive instruments. When coherent, this light is the carrier of vital information that governs the body. The presence of pathogens and toxins causes cells to malfunction, and their disharmonious frequency signatures cause this light to become incoherent. It is possible to remove them by delivering counteracting frequencies, and bringing the light of the body back to coherence.  The body then heals itself to its previous, healthier condition. This is the genius of Biophoton Coherency Therapy.

This therapy is delivered via optical glass rods held in each hand, or glass plates placed under the feet.

Introducing Biophoton Coherency Therapy 2.0!  (available only at the Biophoton Therapy Center )

A Biophoton Therapy treatment is extremely effective whenever it precisely matches and counteracts the imbalances within a client.  Until now, Biophoton Therapy has always used a manual, hit-and-miss measurement system (EAV) to identify imbalances and the remedies that will counteract them. While this method has served us well for the most part, it is inexact, and there is a much better way now.

Instead of using the old manual-measurement method to discover the needed remedies, Biophoton Therapy 2.0 uses a computerized instrument to conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s Field to identify the Chiren/Starlight remedies which will restore balance to the body. We program this information into the Chiren/Starlight and deliver the treatment. Because of superior accuracy, Biophoton Therapy 2.0 is far more effective and efficient than a regular Biophoton Therapy treatment.

Because the streamlined assessment process delivers a more powerful treatment in less time, we are pleased to announce that this time saving will be applied to make Biophoton Therapy sessions more affordable from now on.  The fee for a Biophoton Coherency Therapy session has been $160 until recently. After the first session, which will remain at $160, a Biophoton 2.0 Treatment will now cost only $150.  (Children under 12 ---- $100)

Each session is like a “bath of purification” where 15 – 20 dis-resonant frequencies are neutralized. (When you become energetically neutral to something, it loses its “magnetic attraction” to you. Therefore, it soon leaves you.) You will experience the effects of the session for 1 – 2 days (most commonly as a little fatigue as the culprits exit your body), after which you will notice continuing improvement.

During the therapy stage, BCT 2.0 sessions can be spaced anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks apart. Scheduling the first few sessions as close together as possible builds momentum. After 6 sessions, they can be spaced 1 – 6 months apart for maintenance, and to nip new problems in the bud.

For additional savings, pre-purchased packages of 4 ($540) and 10 ($1,250) sessions are available, and can be shared among families and friends.


Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA) With the Qest4

Whether you are in physical contact with the instrument, or have sent us your saliva/hair/blood/nail sample (S/H/B/N) to represent your body field, the scan takes thousands of energetic measurements of your Body Field to create your “bio-energetic snapshot in time” and identifies the frequency signatures that will bring each of those values back into balance.

This combination of corrective frequencies becomes your customized remedy that is digitally imprinted into a bottle of alcohol/water solution.  We run 2 different scans and imprint 2 remedy bottles, each for a different aspect of the Body Field.  The scans tell us how many drops of each remedy you will be taking, and the duration. The cost for MSA is $145 per session and includes the 2 remedy bottles. Scans are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.   

MSA is suitable for out-of-town clients, pets, and children; since their presence in the office is not required, and   S/H/B/N samples and remedies can be easily sent by mail. 8 to 10 scan cycles are needed for complete results.

 The Qest4 is a powerful healing modality in its own right. But because it can tell us so much about a person’s state of well-being on so many levels, a Qest4 scan is also a great way to “ talk to the body” to learn about its needs and imbalances in a more specific way. (This is what makes Biophoton Therapy 2.0 so much more precise.)


NES Health

NES is the result of decades of research into the Human Body Field by Master Acupuncturist Peter Fraser. Having minutely defined the quantum electrodynamic structures of the Human Body Field, Peter developed a proprietary method of delivering the bio-energetic information that will repair them.  (Click here to learn more) Each of the 70 NES Infoceuticals supplies corrective information to its corresponding structure to restore it to integrity. The NES scan identifies the infoceuticals needed by the client at any given time. Infoceutical drops are taken by mouth, in a specific order, once a day for 4 weeks, followed with a subsequent scan that begins the next scan cycle.

 The NES Health System can rebuild the Human Body Field from the ground up, even for people whose capacity for self-healing is severely diminished. Positive changes in the HBF translate into gradually improved health and spontaneous disappearance of symptoms over 8 - 12 successive scan cycles.

Inexpensive personal remote scanners enable clients anywhere in the world to run NES Health scans on themselves, their families and others using their own computers; with full online access to the scan findings and related information for a nominal fee per scan.

In the office: NES Scan (includes a 20 minute miHealth Session)………. $75

***A NES Health scan (without mi-Health session) is complimentary if combined with a Biophoton Therapy session.

Infoceuticals cost $ 32.00 per bottle.  (4 - 6 Infoceuticals are commonly recommended per month)

 If you would like to explore which of these modalities will be most effective for you, please contact:

Margaret Wilson, B.Sc.

Certified Biontologist; Certified NES Practitioner

(612) 840-4800


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